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A guide to Cranbrook Tourist Attractions and sightseeing. Listings include fairs, markets, exhibitions, art galleries, historic landmarks and so much more.

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Canadian Museum of Rail Travel

The museum is well known for its collection of 28 luxurious railcars specializing in rail travel of the past. The museum is relocated to a much larger more accessible site in 2002, and has built palatial new facilities able to service hundreds of people at any one time. There are several complete historical trains sets on display (which are essentially "Deluxe Hotels on Wheels") from various periods:
  • The "Pacific Express" of 1887
  • The "Soo-Spokane Train Deluxe" of 1907
  • The "Trans-Canada Limited" of 1929
  • The "Chinook" of 1936
  • plus Business, Interpretive and Royal Cars
Railway Hotel architecture and design is also explored in the restored 3000 sq. ft., 2-storey high, oak-paneled "Grand Café" from the former "Royal Alexandra Hotel" of Winnipeg, built by the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1906, but demolished in 1971. Now called "Royal Alexandra Hall", this room as become a favorite community space for visitors and residents in Cranbrook. The 2-storey high carved oak fireplace from the formal dining room of the Hotel is the first impression on entering the main entrance hall. A heritage attraction not to be missed, the museum has won numerous national and provincial awards for restoration, among them the 1993 "Gold Medal" from Heritage Canada.

New site at 57 Van Horne St. S. (Hwy 3/95)
in downtown Cranbrook, BC
 P: (250) 489-3918

Cranbrook Tourist Attractions